Older Australians are not only using tech for safety, mobility, assisted living or to keep in touch with the grandkids. They’re embracing a breadth of digital hardware, software and services. From entertainment and social media to convenience services and safety devices, here are a few of the ways to use digital technologies and the Internet to improve your lifestyle.

Beating loneliness

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After retiring or moving into a new community, meeting new people can be difficult. Using devices to text, email or video call can ease the discomfort of isolation. According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s The digital lives of older Australians report, more Australians 65 and over are using social media to stay in touch than ever before. Facebook is a favourite to keep up to date with friends and family, follow current events, have a laugh and connect with like-minded people locally and from around the world. Other sites like MeetUp help you meet people, make friends, find support, and explore your interests. Creating an account is easier than you think! Simply click on the links in this blog, then Create New Account or Sign Up. It’ll ask you to answer a few questions, then you can use the search bar to find people you know and topics you’re interested in.

Having groceries delivered to your door

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All major and smaller supermarkets offer home delivery, along with smaller local producers and organic grocers. Although a little more expensive than shopping in-store, ordering online can equal a great deal of convenience to those with mobility issues, or in isolation. Simply enter your delivery address and contact information and you’re ready to start ordering. You can also shop online from most popular and specialty stores, which can save you time, energy and sometimes even money.

Enjoying your favourite shows

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Being game enough to try

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Gaming is a great way to keep your mind fit and active, and it’s not just reserved for kids. There are apps specifically designed for brain training, like Luminosity (from Google Play) and those like Wordle (from Apple Store) that are fantastic to play with friends.

Banking from the comfort of home

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While dealing with personal finances once meant all things paper (notes, cheque books and deposit slips), money is now increasingly digital, especially since COVID safety precautions made contactless payments the standard. Online banking offers a relatively easy and convenient way to move your money around, pay bills and even monitor your spending. Most banks offer personal banking services online, with some even having their own smartphone app. For help setting up online or mobile banking, visit your local branch.

Monitoring health, safety and security

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Some of the best benefits of technology for older Australians come from health and safety monitoring devices and home security products. The motion-sensitive Google Nest Doorbell links video footage from its camera to your mobile phone so you can keep an eye on your home when you’re away. There are myriad smartwatches that track your movement, heart rate and sleep quality, creating data that can be shared with your health professional, and wearables that alert a nominated person should you experience a bad fall or other medical event. All these technologies allow seniors to continue living independently and with confidence.

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