Sometimes you just need a laugh. And while social media can seem like it’s filled with negativity, it can also be a huge source of hilarity, and when you follow the right accounts, it’s a quick and easy way to make you smile.

So try one of these nine social media accounts, which bring the funnies in spades:

  1. Geezer Planet 

This Facebook account takes a humorous look at ‘life in the slow lane’. Laugh your way through cartoons, photos and witty observations showcasing what life’s like in your twilight years. You’ll find yourself nodding along.

  1. Awkward Family Photos

Whether they’re hidden away in cupboards, or proudly displayed on your walls, no one is immune from awkward family photos. So we may as well all laugh at them together. This Instagram page is a treasure trove of hilarity, where people share the most awkward highlights from their photo archives.

  1. Doug The Pug

Meet Doug. He’s a pug who loves dress ups, massages, and travel. And he has a loyal fanbase of nearly 4 million Instagrammers who love following his adventures. If you’re a lover of canines, give this account a follow.

  1. Dumped Wife’s Revenge

Aussie Dianne Laurance was dumped for a younger woman after 26 years with her husband. So what did she do? Created Instagram account @dumpedwifesrevenge, and proceeded to live her very best life. Her revenge mantra is to be fabulous and look fabulous, and she posts a steady stream of photos and videos to inspire others to do the same. Her antics are a constant source of laughs.

  1. Celeste Barber

Love a bit of showbiz, mixed with a heavy dose of reality and comedy? Celeste Barber has firmly cemented her status as an Australian comedy queen, thanks to her very funny recreations of celebrity photos. Forget airbrushing and unrealistic expectations; Celeste let’s everything hang out in its natural glory.

  1. ​​We Rate Dogs

Another one for the dog lovers, We Rate Dogs remains one of the happiest places on the internet. Scroll through their adorable photos of pooches, each with a brief story and an ‘expert rating’ out of 10 (which is always higher than 10). You can even submit your own four-legged friend.

  1. National Geographic Travel

Travelling isn’t as easy as it once was. But you can see some of the world’s top sights in the palm of your hand thanks to the @natgeotravel Instagram page. Scroll through and marvel at sights like humpback whales jumping in South Africa, puppies in a remote Chinese village, a European moose roaming the forests of Sweden, and stunning arctic foxes in Norway.

  1. Whyatt Cartoons

Australian cartoonist Tim Whyatt is well-loved for his series of Seniors Moments cartoons, and he shares his classically funny creations about getting older on his Facebook page. From a butt-dialing Santa Clause, to a gentleman putting the ‘flash’ in flashdance, these will tickle your funny bone.

  1. Keep It Old School

How much can you remember from your younger years? Well this Instagram page will help track your memory. Take a trip down memory lane and reminisce, or cringe, at some of the popular things from yesteryear.