They’re certainly an adorable addition to your household, but did you know, science has found that having a pet is actually good for you? Whether it’s a fish, bird, or lizard, or perhaps a cat or dog, studies have found that having a loyal companion can increase both your physical and mental health.

When you move to an AVA Communities estate, pets like cats and small dogs are more than welcome to join you. The spacious, modern homes have more than enough room to accommodate your furry friends, and if you have a dog, they can run around with their four-legged neighbours at the dog off-lead area, and scrub up at the on-site dog wash station. 

Here are some of the ways having a pet can improve your health:

It reduces stress

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to practice mindfulness and focus on what’s happening around you in the moment, and having a pet helps you do just that. Whether you’re petting your furry friend, playing a game with them, or simply watching a fish glide around the fish tank, being with your pet helps you calm down and relax.

It improves your health

Just from lowering your stress, you’re also lowering your blood pressure, and there are many other health benefits to pet ownership. Research has shown they owning a pet can increase your cardiovascular health, leading to lower cholesterol, and even fewer visits to the doctor.

It gets you moving

There’s nothing like having a dog who’s waiting by the door, tail wagging, excited for their walk to get you up and moving. A dog will help you regularly get out and about and enjoy the outdoors, even on those days when you’re struggling with motivation. They’re also always a great conversation starter when you’re out and about, and a great way to help meet your neighbours.

It improves your mood

According to studies, pet owners report lower levels of depression, and the ability to cope better with grief and stress, than those without pets. Having a pet also gives you a regular routine and a sense of purpose, which can both help your self esteem and reduce mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

They’re great companions

You may think you’re mostly looking after them, but pets also help look after you. They’re there for you when you’re sick, or feeling a bit down, they can help you feel safe, and it’s much harder to feel lonely with them by your side.

Even if you don’t have a pet yet, your move to AVA Communities could be a great excuse to get one. Find out more about our AVA Communities estates here.